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On the launch of their new SR 30 EAGLE model, MOPYCSA and SOILMEC invite you to attend their next webinar on 23 June 2021, where you will be able to learn about the improvements in sustainability, productivity, and cost reduction that this new model brings in relation to existing piling equipment.

With an operational weight of 31.3 tons and a 4x9 kelly rig, the SR 30 EAGLE can be easily transported to other projects without it having to be disassembled, largely decreasing unproductive periods of assembly and disassembly and allowing work to begin just minutes after its arrival on site.

SOILMEC continues to work on improving ergonomics and safety for operators by including customization options and new automatic features during the drilling phase to make their activity safer and more comfortable. Notable among these improvements are an automatic return to the drilling center point, an anti-slack system for supporting the kelly rig, as well as autorotary and autodrilling systems for CFA configuration.

Thanks to the collaboration between the Design and R&D Departments at SOILMEC, the load-bearing capacity of the lead column has been optimized, and using the latest materials has made it possible to mount a rotary drill rig with 131 KNm of maximum torque and the ability to adjust its speed and torque during the drilling process thanks to the automated control of its motors. SOILMEC has focused on reducing performance losses during the drilling, and for this it has also redesigned the hydraulic components, reducing power consumption.

All the above makes this model especially suited for building projects where agility, speed and versatility make a difference.

You can access the webinar registration by clicking on the following link:


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