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Mesa Redonda. Young Engineers in Geotechnics

On May 23, we held two Round Tables under the title "Young Geotechnical Engineers".

They have been broadcast via streaming and we have had the facilities and resources of the Instituto de Ingeniería de España (IIE).

We cannot fail to highlight the quality of the presentations of our speakers Belén Rodríguez Caballero, Eduardo Martínez García, Pablo Ruiz Terán, Irene Pedrera Cordón, Juan Jerónimo Vico, Alberto Sanromá León, José Estaire Gepp, Alberto Encijo Pérez, Jose Luis Ramirez Macias, and Alex Giménez Jiménez, to the moderators Belén Rodríguez Caballero and Svetlana Melentijevic, our former President, Rafael Casado and José Trigueros Rodrigo and José Candela, presidents of the Instituto de la Ingeniería de España and Asociación de Empresas de la Tecnologí del Suelo y del Subsuelo (AETESS), respectively.

We want to thank our audience for their interest and the questions they asked our speakers.

Finally, you can access the recording of the Round Tables through the link:


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