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AETESS TECHNICAL CONFERENCES: Safety in Geotechnical Works: Design and Execution

We are going to celebrate a conference on Safety in Geotechnical Works: Design and Execution in order to emphasize the importance our member companies place on safety. It is a fundamental topic in our time that implies a permanent preoccupation for our member companies, who place a big effort in trying to achieve constant improvements in safety in their projects.

When we talk about safety in our projects, we don’t just want to deal with the safety of our people and machinery; we also want to touch on third parties that may be affected by the works.

Our intention has been to spark the interest of all the parties involved in our projects, that therefore play a role in their development: clients, local administrations, designers, safety departments in companies, safety coordinators, and external advisors.

In order to have a wider vision on this subject, we have the external collaboration of three specialists from the following organizations: EFFC (European Federation of Foundation Contractors), which will focus on working platforms at the site; LIEBHERR, a crane and drilling equipment manufacturer, which will present the latest developments regarding safety; and MAPFRE, an insurance company that will discuss the legal aspects and civil responsibilities of the parties involved in a project, so that we can all have a more complete view on safety.

A discussion will take place at the end of the conference, where we wish all relevant resulting questions on the subject will be presented and help us all improve our knowledge.


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